NJ home builders, Hemphill Associates, have been called on to help NJ home owners go green and save green.  The custom home builders of Monmouth County offer a variety of ‘green’ solutions for residents who want to protect the planet and their wallet.

river front home builder nj

River front home in NJ built by Hemphill Associates

A simple energy saving tip from Hemphill Associates is to use closed cell spray foam insulation.  This energy saving foam seals off homes better than regular insulation reducing heating and cooling bills. This type of foam is also used by Hemphill Associates for their waterfront homes in NJ.  If not protected properly, these waterfront homes can suffer from moisture infiltration problems. Left untreated this can lead to mold and structural damage.  Hemphill Associates uses closed cell spray foam insulation to create a rigid, insulated barrier from the ground and the underside of the home.

A popular aesthetic modification to the home that can also be energy efficient is the installation of skylights.  During the winter, the natural sunlight that shines through helps heat the home, reducing heating bills.  Also, many homeowners find that they use less artificial light during the day thanks to the surplus of natural light.

Hemphill Associates is dedicated to the use of energy saving practices and eco-friendly materials that help NJ homeowners go green and save green.  Owner Joe Hemphill has also taken various seminars in energy efficient building. By investigating trends and exploring the latest in construction and design, Hemphill Associates stays at the forefront of the construction industry and secures their standing as a leader among NJ home builders.

Hemphill Associates is one of the leading home builders in NJ, offering customized solutions for homeowners with discerning taste. In addition to building custom homes from the ground up, Hemphill Associates also offers a range of renovation and restoration services including home additions, renovations of kitchens and baths, and general restoration of older homes.

The company, which began serving Monmouth County in 1977, says offering a variety of services and customized solutions has helped them thrive in NJ.